Frontmost Woodworks Inc.

Commercial Offices.

We can help you give your office space a new look, or prepare your new office space for you before you move in.

We are a dedicated team that will ensure that we meet the deadlines so you can move in on time, worry free.

No jobs are too small or too big.
-Suspended ceilings.
-Drywall repairs.
-Division walls/doors/windows.
-Cabinets/lunch room.
-Carpet and flooring.

Bench and cubbies.

Built in a Bill Ladouceur Construction home, summer of 2017.

Extra storage in the garage, just by the door.
Storage doesn't need to be an eyesore, we can make it stylish and turn it into a nice decorative piece.

Bench and cubbies.

In the front mudroom, winter 2018.

This one is quite bigger than the usual, spanning 8 feet wide. Perfect if you have the space and kids with friends coming over!

Bench and cubbies.

Built for a private customer with referral from Melissa Hartigan Design, spring 2018.

This home was had the perfect spot for this bench dirrectly by the front door. After a short consulation with the homeowners we had the design downpath and built them this beautiful bench.